These include: galvanised steel ground anchors, concrete and granite pedestal or portable bases, smart boxes for heating & lighting, radiant heaters with customised brackets & plugs – led spot & strip lights, planter boxes & terrace screens, mirror finish marine stainless fittings from 316 inox for superyachts & coastal needs, protective cover bags and myriad other items. Ask us.


Fittings for sidepost parasols
In-ground fitting

820mm height x 400mm diameter


615mm height x 400mm diameter

Above-ground tube

510mm height x 320mm diameter

Above-ground tube

510mm height x 460mm x 460mm square

Above-ground tube

510mm height x 390mm x 200mm rectangular

In-ground fitting

490mm height x 215mm diameter


480mm height x 215mm diameter

Stainless-steel cover plate
Base plate
Security pin and lock
Fittings for centrepost parasols
In-ground fitting

330mm height x 190mm x 190mm square

Above-ground tube

480mm height x 200mm x 200mm square

In-ground fitting

490mm height x 215mm diameter


260mm height x 195mm diameter

Custom lengthened in-ground tube
Custom riser
Above-ground tube with custom plug socket
Above-ground tube with custom bracket

Heating and Lighting

Multi-purpose heaters

A great choice for both indoors and outdoors. The heaters can be mounted to walls or stand-alone structures, as well as underneath shades, and are designed to withstand all weather conditions.

  • 1kW, 1.5kW and 2kW power options
  • IP24 rated - Will require RCD protection
  • Bracket allows for vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Incorporates a Philips or GE quartz lamp with vertical burning lamp option
  • High quality lightweight aluminium extrusion body
  • Spectral quality smooth parabolic aluminium reflector
  • Side reflectors for added heat output
  • Incorporates die cast heat sinks for increased heat output
  • Safety guards fitted as standard
  • Available to order with your SHADEmaker parasol or separately
  • Colour: Silver – other colours available subject to minimum order quantity
  • Compatible with Tempest, Sirocco, Solano, Resort, Liberty, Luna, Sirio, Arcobaleno and Poker parasols
Pre-cabled and accessories

Telescopic centrepost with 4 x 1.5kW Rio heaters + fluorescent lighting


Telescopic sidepost with fluorescent lighting

Resort / Liberty

Sidepost with 4 x 1kW Rio heaters + SHADEform custom brackets


Telescopic centrepost with portable base. Heat and light with SHADEform portable base plug


Telescopic centrepost with 2 x 1.5kW Rio heaters + fluorescent lighting


Telescopic centrepost and valance with 2 x 1.5kW Rio heaters + fluorescent lighting

We can supply an effective and attractive solution with the aid of internal wiring and provision of customised heater brackets. By pre-cabling inside the mast you simply attach the heaters to the brackets and plug the leads into the sockets provided in the mast hub, as shown. Heaters do not require complete disassembly when closing with the Tempest or Sirocco parasols.

  • Hidden internal wiring
  • Heaters located on arms increasing heating area
  • Neat and tidy appearance
  • Heat output: Increments of 1.5kW (Please call us on +44 (0) 1707 707 300 for power requirements)
  • Requires RCD protection
Other accessories
Smart Box

The detachable Smart Box is used with small and medium size parasols (either in-table or stand-alone) to provide heat and light to confined spaces. Available to purchase with your SHADEmaker parasol or separately. Requires RCD protection.

The SHADEform plug

This custome device can enable parasols on portable bases to support heat and light. Available to purchase with your SHADEmaker parasol or separately. Requires RCD protection.

Time Lag Switch

Concerns about wasted energy can be addressed with an exterior time lag switch with an illuminated push button. Time lag range: 2 to 20 minutes. Suitable for up to 16 amps (4000W) of lighting or heating loads. Dimensions (mm): 120 x 90 x 60. Weatherproof: IP54 rating – will require RCD protection.

Electrical distribution hub
Stainless custom bracket for heat & light
Fluorescent tube light
Stainless steel halogen light - 75W

Heat and Light Safety Guidance

Heaters should not be positioned lower than 1.8m from the ground. (Refer to manufacturers instructions). Heaters should be handled with care and must be turned off (isolated from source) and allowed to cool prior to handling or removing from parasol. Parasol canopies are not typically fire retardant and therefore must not come in contact with active heaters. All electrical connections will require RCD protection.

Portable Bases

Suitable for most pole sizes

Dimensions: 1000x1000mm.
Weight: Approx 185kg

Suitable for pole sizes 38-70mm

Dimensions: 565mm diameter
Weight: Approx 40Kg

Dimensions: 650mm diameter
Weight: Approx 65Kg

Dimensions: 820mm diameter
Weight: Approx 110Kg

For use with timber parasols only Suitable for most pole sizes

Dimensions: 700x700mm, 800x800mm, 900x900mm
Single layer: Approx 260Kg
Double layer: Approx 520Kg
Triple layer: Approx 780Kg