Our pubs are lovely, but it’s our people that make them stand out. Each one is a well-loved “local” to its regulars (hosting a wealth of fun events and special occasions and supporting good causes), as well as offering a warm welcome to every new face. Our founders are now joined by over a dozen partners who have earned their own share in the business. Source Peach Website

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In 2005 we first met with Peach founders: - Jo Eames - Hamish Stoddart and Lee Cash. That meeting led to our first parasol order for their Fishes Pub in Hinskley Village Oxfordshire. A sizeable order of our SHADEmakers Liberty side post Parasols. These are still there 12 years on. Thanks to their continued loyalty, we've proudly since supplied and serviced Peach Co's:

The Fishes - The One Elm - The Rose & Crown - The Old Mill - The Swan - The Thatch - The Embankment - The Black Horse - The Almanack - The Highfield - The Chequers - The Fleece - The White Horse - all proudly supported by SHADEmakers UK

Parasols - Include our: Luna Centre Post - Liberty Side Post and Terrafirma / Girasole Iroko Side Post singles. Many of these with our SHADEmakers "Smart Box" centralised heat and light distribution box.