316 Stainless Post
Opens with a cable winder / Hand Crank
Inground fitting compatible
Portable base compatible
Heat & light compatible
Parasol can rotate 360 degrees
Wind rating of 3

Parasol Description

Nautica set out to be the ultimate; in luxury parasols and umbrellas in the world.

Nautica is the product of several years invested in R&D. We purpose designed and engineered every component from scratch – using only durable, premium grade materials. Each parasol is fully marinised so it can grace the decks of any superyacht, premium resort or private home.

Each umbrella is manufactured by hand in our UK workshops. With the range available in either S316  - marine grade stainless which is polished to a mirror finish or can be made in S316T - a combination of glue laminated and steel reinforced timber. This is then invisibly connected to mirror finished 316 stainless fittings.

The Nautica Side post parasol is designed so you can simply pull the spring loaded pin and rotate the canopy through 360 degrees. This allows you to maximise shade as the sun moves throughout the day.

Our timbers are all cut and machined in the UK by English craftsmen and pre finished. The standard timber mast is from hand selected Iroko. For custom projects we can make and supply from Burmese Teak, Walnut, Red Sapeli, European Oak and American Ash. Or, virtually any durable outdoor timber you may prefer.

Our canopies are tailored in England by a sailmaker and his team. Each from 100% solution dyed acrylic canvas with over 40 fabric colourways to choose from.

Not satisfied with the market winches – we even design and make our winches in house – with housings and bearings also from 316 stainless. The winder handle can be removed with ease to prevent unwanted tampering.   

We are design led and will readily work with many designers, specifiers and architects throughout the world. Some of our projects are bespoke or customised; so please let us know if you have a specific need outside our standard offering.

We are extremely proud of the Nautica parasol range – these are as beautiful as they are robust, functional and practical.


Features and options

Nautica - the Ultimate in beautiful & functional marine grade, Side and centre post parasols

Every Nautica S316 mast and boom is made from premium, heavy gauge 316 marine stainless, also known as Inox. Each stainless component is precision laser cut to our CAD specifications, then assembled and stainless welded in our dedicated UK factory. Next it goes through several stages of polishing until a mirror finish is achieved.

The winches are unique to Nautica as they are specifically designed and made by ShadeArt, for the parasol range. Each is fully marinised due to a combination of stainless and marine grade components. Small, strong and proportioned with a removable winder handle to prevent unwanted tampering.

Nautica Wigwams (Canopy frames) are made from high strength marine anodised aluminium and 316 stainless. Their unique Bayonet fixing system means you can remove and stow your canopy in seconds. No bolts, no ladders, no screws to lose – just lift and rotate 90 degrees then lower to the floor. Detach the sister clips and stow – simple, easy and quick. 

Nautica Canopies are UK tailored by sailmakers. Each from premium, European Solution dyed acrylic canvas. We have 40 or more colour choices, all providing very hi levels of UV protection from the sun. Also perfect in wet conditions due to a special water repellent treatment which means the rain just beads on the surface and runs off. Every colour is warranted to retain 80% or more of its original colour after 5 years.

Pull the spring loaded pin and the Nautica rotates on its own axis through 360 degrees. Release the pin to lock into any of 8 positions. Leave the furniture where is and tune the shade by rotating the canopy as the sun moves through the day.

Nautica S316 and S316T (timber & stainless) are both designed so they can be fully dismantled or assembled using 1 (ONE) bolt. Simply slide the mast over the 316 rotation spigot. Insert the boom into mast – screw ONE bolt through mast into boom. Connect the sister clips, Lift the Wigwam and rotate bayonet. Unstrap canopy and wind winch handle to open.

Nautica is designed for optional, integrated warm & cool white or RGB, LED lighting.

Also available with an optional heat pack; a unique integrated Smart Box, designed to minimise unsightly and cumbersome cables. Nautica can run up to 4 Radiant Heaters and LED lighting via the Smart Box system, which means only 1 cable from canopy to mast and mast to power source.