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Cantilever and centre pole parasols to clear

Leading the UK market for over 18 years, SHADEmakers provide luxury residential and commercial parasols.

We offer:

  • Sidepost or cantilevered parasols and umbrellas       
  • Centrepost parasols and umbrellas
  • Marine, commercial, resorts, restaurants, hotels, golf courses, museums, schools, super yachts, private homes
  • Fusion of timber and stainless steel, mirror polished or statin stainless, powder coated steel, marine grade aluminium, timber look aluminium, carbon fibre, titanium,
  • Colours – over 80 to choose from - Solution Dyed Acrylics and  ShadeArt PVC Membranes
  • Optional branding, heating, lighting, linking gutters, sound, and Wi-Fi
  • Fixed bases, inground bases, pedestal bases, sand anchors and bespoke

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All Weather Commercial and Garden Shade Solutions

Customizable and with heaters

Our diverse range means we can deliver bespoke solutions for any property and facility

Commercial Parasols

Product range including prices, specifications and photos.

Heated Parasol in a Pub Terrace
Heated Parasols

Enhance your outdoor space with our parasols designed for all weather.

Cantilever Parasols in Luxury Private Property
Home Garden Parasols

Create the perfect shelter for your home.

Choose which parasol best suits your needs by browsing through our extensive range of parasol types, shapes, sizes and materials. Add a personal touch to your parasols through our selection of accessories

Centre pole parasols in pub garden
Pub Garden Parasols

Find the perfect parasol for your pub garden.

giant commercial parasol on golf club terrace
Golf Club Parasols

Find the ideal parasol for your golf club.


Photos of our parasols in commercial and residential use.

At SHADEmakers your needs come first, and we strive to provide the best service and care for every customer. We can proudly say that we still provide support to customers and parasols from 18 years ago. 

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