Our Giant Parasols

Our luxury giant commercial and garden parasols are perfect for a large outdoor space in need of shade and shelter from the elements. With durable structures and high-grade canopy fabrics, our parasols not only look luxurious but are designed to last in the harshest weather conditions. For extra comfort during the cold winter months we also offer heating solutions for all our parasols.

We have a range of giant parasols to choose from such as our Tempest Grand, a singular telescopic commercial parasol that closes upwards to stay clear of tables and furniture. It is made from high strength alloys and protected with a prime, durable and easy to clean powder coat finish. 

Terrafirma Grand Duo

From £5795 Sidepost Terrafirma Grand Duo

Tempest Grand

From £3990 Centrepost Tempest Grand

Terrafirma Grand Quad

From £8976 Sidepost Terrafirma Grand Quad

Our Mistral Quad offers unparalleled flexibility with the ability of folding into one single compact vertical format when not in use. Its sturdy mast is made from 100mm square aluminium and it can be positioned near or even mounted to a wall.   

The Terrafirma Grand Quad is a strong yet elegant parasol made of a unique fusion of laminated timber and aluminium mast with stainless steel booms or all stainless mast and booms. The Terrafirma Grand Quad offers protection against, sun, wind and rain while also adding a design flair. The giant parasol requires minimal maintenance and is easy to operate with stainless gearboxes and internal cabling. 

Personalise your outdoor space and make it stand out by choosing through our wide range of colours and add custom branding to your parasol. 

Contact us today to find the perfect giant parasol solution for your large outdoor space.

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