Our Home Garden Parasols

Enhance your outdoor living with our luxury home garden parasols. Designed to withstand all UK weather conditions, our parasols are durable and add a sophisticated touch to your property. Parasols should be enjoyed all year round, therefore we offer a selection of heated parasols suitable for home uses.

We offer bespoke shade solutions to our residential clients, therefore we provide home garden parasols in the cantilever and centre post style. Our parasols canopies come in many colours and are made from the finest, fade-resistant fabrics. ​​​​​

Our top three residential parasols for private gardens:

Alterra Centre

From £580 Centrepost Alterra Centre

Terrafirma Single

From £2900 Sidepost Terrafirma Single


From £399 Centrepost Harmattan

The Alterra Centre's lightweight but durable properties makes it an ideal parasol for home gardens. The parasol's fine and graceful appearance creates an inviting and stylish outdoor area and its marine-grade materials are designed for longevity. 

The Terrafirma Single cantilever parasol is designed to add an elegant touch to any outdoor space. The parasol is made with our residential customers in mind. The Terrairma Single is easy to assemble and operate, and requires minimal maintenance.

The Harmattan is the most durable wooden parasol on the market, made from renewable and sustainable moss bamboo. 

Our residential parasols are easy to install at home for the three usual situations: in-ground, concrete patio, or wooden deck. We provide full installation instructions for our customers but also offer an installation service using our own specialist equipment. 

Contact us today to find the perfect parasol for your property.

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