Our Luxury Parasols for Hotels and Restaurants

Elevate your outdoor space with our state-of-the-art commercial parasols for hotels and restaurants. Our durable and versatile parasols can offer shelter to your customers from all elements while also adding a modern, sophisticated touch to your outdoor space.

We offer commercial parasols in the centrepost and cantilever style and they come in many sizes. From smaller parasols to our giant parasols range, our products are ideal for any outdoor space.

Terrafirma Grand Duo

From £5795 Sidepost Terrafirma Grand Duo

Terrafirma Single

From £2900 Sidepost Terrafirma Single


From £399 Centrepost Harmattan

Outdoor space should be enjoyed all year around, therefore, our parasols are designed to protect customers from harmful UV rays in the summer and keep them warm in the winter with our special parasol heaters. Our parasols' robust infrastructure and high-quality canopies also make them perfect for rainy and windy conditions. 

All our canopies are made from fade-resistant fabrics. We offer a wide range of colour options and customisable branding to create a unique, personalised outdoor space that stands out.

Contact us today to find the perfect commercial parasol for your hotel or restaurant.

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