The Perfect Parasols for Pub Gardens

At SHADEmakers we provide the ideal pub garden parasol which creates a refined, elegant space and keeps customers comfortable in all weather conditions. Our parasols are carefully engineered to withstand strong winds and provide shelter from both the sun and rain. For extra comfort during the cold winter months, we recommend heating your pub garden parasols so that customers can enjoy your beer garden no matter the weather. Lighting can also be added to our parasols, so that drinks can be enjoyed well into the night.

Storm S

From £3990 Sidepost Storm S

Alterra Centre

From £580 Centrepost Alterra Centre


From £1995 Centrepost Tempest

Our durable, deluxe parasols come in many shapes and sizes, from giant commercial parasols to smaller umbrellas to fit wonderfully in any garden space. We provide a large colour selection of fade-resistant canopies and offer optional branding to make your pub stand out. 

We offer bespoke solutions to all our commercial clients, so contact us on today to find the perfect parasols for your pub garden.

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