Our Heated Parasols for All Weather

Perfect for outdoor terraces and pub gardens, our deluxe heated parasols are built to withstand in the harsh, humid and cold UK weather. SHADEmakers provides both cantilever and centrepost parasols with heaters.

Since 2004 we have developed unparalleled heating technology for all our commercial and garden parasols. Our radiant heaters are manufactured using specially coded safety plugs, custom brackets and painted to our chosen paint RAL. Their custom build allows our customers to easily attach and detach our heaters within minutes. For some models, like the Tempest and Tempest Grand, the heaters can simply be folded to the mast when not in use. Or, for our heavy duty Storm cantilever and centrepost range, they can be designed to be permanently attached. Find out more information about our top heated parasols below:


From £1995 Centrepost Tempest

Storm C

From £3490 Centrepost Storm C

Terrafirma Single

From £2900 Sidepost Terrafirma Single

We are dedicated to designing shade and shelter solutions that are safe, efficient and offer the perfect comfort regardless of the weather conditions. Radiant heating is the ideal solution for heating the outdoors as the infrared targets specific spaces within an outdoor area warming only the people and objects in their path. In contrast parasols relying on convection heating offer an impractical method of heating. Due to the nature of outdoor air constantly moving (even in no wind conditions) heated air often gets blown away with the air movement. 

We also provide our Smart Hubs designed for integral use on all our parasols which enable ONE electrical supply cable to feed up to 4 radiant heaters and a set of LED lights. LEDs can be attached either via detachable stainless 240v spot lamps or strip LED within the parasol spokes. Our Smart Hubs are a tidy and optimal solution to heating commercial and garden parasols. Unlike many parasols on today’s market, where heat and light are an aftermarket after thought, our parasols are purposefully designed to accept internal cables for heating and light.  

Heating is available in 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 kWs. 

Contact us today to find out more about the perfect heating solution for your commercial or garden parasol. 

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