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Since 2004 SHADEmakers invested in unparalleled heating technology for all our commercial and garden parasols. We utilise radiant heating technology, where infrared rays target specific spaces within an outdoor area. Our radiant heaters are manufactured using specially coded safety plugs and custom brackets which means that our heaters can be attached and detached easily. Radiant heaters are safe, silent, economical and easy to maintain as there is no need to worry about annual service unlike with gas-based heaters. We sell heaters working at 10, 15 or 20 watts and all our heaters have a long lamp life of 7000 hours. Most of our heaters come in the silver but we are also able to supply white, black or anthracite.

We also provide our Smart Hubs designed for use on all our parasols which enable ONE electrical supply cable (which we provide) to feed up to 4 radiant heaters and a set of LED lights. Each of our heaters is manufactured using specially coded safety plugs, custom brackets and painted to our chosen paint RAL. They can be attached or detached from the parasol within minutes. LEDs can be supplied as detachable stainless 240V spot lamps with custom brackets and coded plugs or as strip lights within the main arms for plain canopies only. Our Smart Hubs are a safe and efficient solution to heating and adding light to your parasol.

Our heaters are easy to detach. Simply switch it off and when cool to the touch unplug it from your smartbox, then simply unscrew one nylon bolt to remove. For some models such as the Tempest and Tempest Grand, the heaters can simply be folded to the mast when not in use. For our heavy-duty Storm range heaters can be permanently attached.

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