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  • Alterra 3.5 Oct Brocket Hall UK
Aluminium Post
Opens with a pulley
Inground fitting compatible
Portable base compatible
Heat & light compatible
Wind rating of 3

Alterra Centre by ShadeArt

A Lightweight, yet strong and durable centre post. Ideal for commercial operators - will outlast most, if not all the competition.

Alterra Centre is ShadeArt’s durable and long-lasting commercial grade, centre post, patio parasol and garden umbrella, designed for in-table or to be free standing on the patio, the deck or around the pool. At home in a residential or a commercial setting and there is no longer the need to replace parasols or umbrellas every year or two. With Alterra Centre, you can count on a much longer lifetime for your parasol while creating a stylish and inviting outdoor area.

Alterra Centre started life as our immensely popular Luna centre post parasol and umbrella and now proudly joins the range of ShadeArt parasols and umbrellas which are fully made in the United Kingdom using the latest UK design, engineering, and manufacturing. 

Alterra Centre is made from marine-grade materials for longevity – marine anodized aluminium means no rust, no paint to flake and no timber to break. Further, we provide the choice of marine anodised aluminium or new, timber look aluminium mast. This simple fold side post has the strength and stability to cope with high winds and the elements of a coastal environment. The optional vented or louver panelled canopies facilitate airflow and provide even greater stability and style.

Available with a choice of pedestal base, hinge lid ground anchor or spigot. Can be fixed to a wooden or concrete deck or used in sand and is light enough for easy stowage and can be put out daily in a resort or café setting. The nautical cam cleat/hoist opening system means it is easy to open and close. 

Comes in a variety of shapes and sizes – square, rectangle and octagonal. The canopies are tailored from premium quality solution dyed European acrylic canvas which is available in a wide range of colours. These can be printed with your brand or logo.

Links to other centre post parasol options manufactured in the UK by ShadeArt:

  • Nautica Marine Centre premium with laminated timber and stainless steel and >80 fabric canopies.
  • Storm C Portable for daily set up on pedestal or ground anchor bases and tension membrane canopies.
  • Storm C wind gusts to 70 mph/112kph and tension membrane canopies
Rectangular Central Double
Rectangular Central Double

Alterra Centre Features

  • Corrosion resistant - marine-grade materials for durability and strength.
  • Choice of materials– marine anodised aluminium or new timber look aluminium mast.
  • Shapes - Square, Rectangle and Octagonal
  • Sizes – Square from 2.0 to 3.0 metres, Rectangles from 2.5 x 1.88 metres to 3 x 2.25 metres and Octagonal from 2.5 to 3.5 metres.
  • Canopy Styles – choice of plain (with or without a valance) or optional louver panelled, and wind vented.
  • Colours – 12 standard plus >70 optional – see fabric download for detail.
  • Ease of assembly – just pop it on the ground fitting or pedestal base.
  • Easy to operate – nautical jam cleat/hoist operating system means it is easy to open and close the canopy.
  • Sun and Rain protection – high levels of protection from harmful UV rays and ShadeArt canopies are also highly water resistant.
  • Fabric quality – premium quality solution dyed European acrylic canvas guaranteed to retain 80% or more original colour for a minimum of 5 years. 
  • Easily stowed – light enough to pick up and stow daily or at the end of the season.
  • Optional Branding – email your artwork and we will arrange your canopy or valance logo during manufacture.
  • Optional Heat, Light and Sound
  • Permanent or portable – Alterra Centre can be bolted to a deck spigot, pedestal base, sand anchor or our new hinge lid bayonet anchor.
  • Spare parts and canopies – always available – SHADEmakers UK are still servicing parasols we sold 18 years ago.
  • Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom