From £4900 Terrafirma Arched

  • Terrafirma Arched Louver Octagonal~1
  • Terrafirma Arched Louver Octagonal
Stainless Timber Post
Stainless winch
Inground fitting compatible
Portable base compatible
Heat & light compatible
Parasol can rotate 360 degrees
Wind rating of 4
Terrafirma Arched Single - Side Post Parasol - These combine a Satin Stainless boot, elbow and boom with ahigh strength alloy core reinforced and laminated 93x93mm African Sapele or optional other timbersmast. Each hand crafted in the UK to a beautiful furniture grade finish. Marine anodised spokes, andstainless, alloy or GFP Hubs depending size and application. Easy Open. Stainless winch with safety lockingfeature. Fixed and optional rotating masts.
Square SV