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  • Tempest Kilkenny ROI SHADEmakers UK~1
  • Tempest Costa Coffee ROI SHADEmakers UK~1
  • Tempest Ashmolean Museum Oxford SHADEmakers UK~2
Aluminium Post
Opens with a cable winder / Hand Crank
Inground fitting compatible
Portable base compatible
Heat & light compatible
Wind rating of 3

Tempest & Tempest Grand


Tempest  (standard) & Tempest Grand (giant) centre post commercial parasols and umbrellas, originally imported from Germany with most now made in the UK. As they are telescopic, when the canopy closes it goes upwards to clear most tables and furniture.


Tempest masts are fabricated from high strength alloys, then protected with a prime and durable and easy clean powder coat finish. Standard colours are white or anthracite, or available with optional frame colours to your choosing. The wigwam spokes are manufactured from high tensile aluminium coupled to welded alloy hubs. The Tempest Grand uses larger and heavier components in line with the needs of a giant parasol or umbrella. Tempest comes with an internal gearbox for easy open and close. Simply insert the crank and wind the handle to open.  


Tempest canopies are hand tailored in the UK from a selection of over 80 colours of Europe’s finest solution dyed acrylic fabrics.


Tempest sizes from Square 2.0x2.0 to 5.0x5.0, Rectangle 3.0x2.0 to 5.0x4.5 and Octagonal 2.5 to 5.0 metres


Tempest Grand sizes from Square 4.0x4.0 to 7.5x7.5, Rectangle 6.0x3.0 to 9.0x8.0 and Octagonal 5.5 to 9.0 metres


Create large outdoor rooms by linking multiple parasols with gutters and side sheets. Comfortable for all seasons when fitted with optional heating, lighting, and sound.


Links to other parasol options by ShadeArt:


Whatever your requirements, SHADEmakers UK can offer a solution


Tempest Centre Post Features


  • Telescopic – standard sizes enable easier open and close without the need to move tables and furniture.
  • Corrosion resistant – high strength alloy frames with prime and powder coat finish. Makes them strong, durable, and easy to clean
  • Shapes – Square, Rectangle and Octagonal.
  • Size – Square 2.0 to7.5 metres; Rectangle 3.0x2.0 to 9.0x8.0 metres and Octagonal 2.5 to 9.0 metres. Custom sizes time and POA.
  • Easy Low maintenance gear box for easy open and close 
  • Safety – the gearbox has a removable handle to prevent unwanted tampering.
  • Base and Anchor options – SHADEmakers provide a range of standard and bespoke solutions. Including galvanised steel ground anchors with fixed or hinged mast tubes, pedestal bases with optional covers, planter box bases and tables or seats, large, thin steel plates, deck plates and more.
  • Colours - 12 standard plus >80 optional – see fabric download for detail.
  • Sun & Rain protection – high levels of protection from harmful UV rays and highly water resistant.
  • Fabric quality premium quality solution dyed European acrylic canvas is guaranteed to retain 80% or more original colour for a minimum of 5 years. 
  • Optional Branding – email your artwork and we will arrange your canopy logo during manufacture.
  • Optional Heat, Light and Sound
  • Optional PVC drop side curtains and weatherproof linking gutters
  • Proudly made in England 
  • Spare parts and canopies – always available – SHADEmakers UK are still servicing parasols we sold 18 years ago.