From £3990 Storm S

  • Storm S 5x5 Sq Row ACT Aus. ShadeArt UK
  • Storm S 5x5 Sq Sydney ShadeArt UK
  • Storm S 5x5 Sq Canberra ShadeArt UK
  • STORM S - 5.0 Hex Red Qld Aus. ShadeArt UK
  • Storm S 5.0 Hex Rotation UK - ShadeArt UK
  • Storm S 5.0 Hex Pittville School UK ShadeArt UK
  • Storm S 5.0 Pollard School ShadeArt UK
  • Storm S 5x5 Sq Muscat ShadeArt UK
  • Storm S 5.0 Hex - ShadeArt UK
  • Storm S 5.0 Hex Fire Pit - ShadeArt UK
  • Storm S 5.0 Hex Swim Centre ShadeArt UK
  • Storm S 5.0 Hex Red ShadeArt UK
  • Storm S Underside - ShadeArt UK
  • Storm S 5.0 White Hex Top UK ShadeArt UK
  • Storm S 5.0 Hex Prince Edward School UK ShadeArt UK
  • Storm S Rotation Handle ShadeArt UK
Steel Post
Opens with a cable winder / Hand Crank
Inground fitting compatible
Heat & light compatible
Parasol can rotate 360 degrees
Wind rating of 5

Storm S (Side post) by ShadeArt

Initially designed for Australia, then perfected and manufactured in England by ShadeArt UK.

The Storm S (Side post) and Storm C (Centre post) parasols are engineered for wind gusts up to 70mph / 112 kph. Unlike most commercial parasols, the ShadeArt Storm range can remain open virtually year-round. Storm Smasts and booms are fabricated from high-strength steel, then protected with either hot zinc or marine galvanising and then primed and powder coated. They come in a standard white or anthracite finish or optional frame colour RAL. The wigwam spokes are manufactured from high-tensile aluminium or steel (larger sizes), high-strength alloy castings, and marine anodised to prevent corrosion.

Storm PVC Canopies are tailored from low maintenance, architectural grade, high tensile PVC membranes. This makes Storm one of the strongest (if not strongest) and most robust side and centre post parasols and umbrellas anywhere in the world. In addition, the purpose-built stainless gear mechanisms and removable winder handles make for ease of use and ensure safety by protecting against unwanted tampering.

Storm PVC Canopies come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. They provide optimum protection from sun heat and harmful UV rays and are perfect for year-round wet weather cover. With sizes ranging from 6m2 up to 25m2, optional features include 360˚ rotation, linking gutters for multiple canopies, rain sides, heating, lighting, sound and branding.

SHADEmakers proudly supply Storm to all sectors within the UK and abroad. ShadeArt Storm is ideally suited for resorts, museums, golf courses, schools, hotels, cruise liners, super yachts and private homes - virtually anywhere a strong, durable and attractive shade solution is required. Storm will provide years and decades of service with proper care, unlike many inferior parasols today.  

Links to other Storm parasol options manufactured in the UK by ShadeArt:

  • Storm C centre post option with wind gust rating to 70 mph/112kph and tension membrane canopies
  • Storm C Portable is smaller for daily set-up on a pedestal or ground anchor bases.
Rectangular Storm
Square Storm
Hexagonal Storm

Storm S (Side post) Features

  • Wind Engineered for gusts to 70mph/112kph - leave open virtually year-round.
  • Corrosion resistant – high-strength mast and boom engineered from special high-grade steel, then hot zinc and powder coat finish. 5-year frame warranty refer to T’s & C’s.
  • Shapes – Square, Hexagonal and Rectangle.
  • SizeSquare 2.0 to 5.0 metres; Hexagonal 4.4 to 5.6 metres and Rectangle 4.0 x 3.0 metres. Custom sizes POA.
  • Low maintenance - canopies made from heat reflective, UV-treated, fully welded membrane with a smooth surface that makes them very easy to clean. 2-Year Canopy Warranty refer T’s & C’s.
  • Easy to use - stainless gearbox for easy canopy opening and closing.
  • Safety – the ShadeArt gearbox has a removable handle to prevent unwanted tampering.
  • Colour - up to 40 colours in ShadeArt Storm PVC Canopies
  • Sun & Rain protection – high levels of security from harmful UV rays, from 50% to 100% for satin colours. Canopy is also highly water resistant.
  • Fabric quality – premium reinforced PVC fabric with exceptional dimensional stability and long-term mechanical strength.
  • Optional 360˚ rotation - to tune the shade throughout the day.
  • Optional Branding – email your artwork, and we will arrange your canopy logo during manufacture.
  • Optional Heat, Light and Sound
  • Optional PVC drop-side curtains and weatherproof linking gutters
  • Proudly 100% made in England - manufactured by ShadeArt in their purpose-built UK parasol and umbrella factory.
  • Spare parts and canopies – always available – SHADEmakers UK is still servicing parasols we sold 19 years ago.