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  • Harmattan Ecru Square - SHADEmakers UK
  • Harmattan 3~1.0 Octagonal with valance ShadeMakers UK
  • ShadeArt Round Pebble Concrete Pedestal Base
  • Harmattan Timber Square
  • Harmattan Bespoke canopy and valance - SHADEmakers UK
  • Harmattan 3x3 Ecru & Granite Base SHADEmakers UK
  • Harmattan Timber 2.1 Black
  • Harmattan 3.0 Octagonal with valance ShadeMakers UK
  • Harmattan 2.5 Octagonal ShadeMakers UK
  • Harmattan Timber 2.1 Ecru
  • Harmattan 3x3 Ecru SHADEmakers UK
Timber Post
Opens with a pulley
Inground fitting compatible
Portable base compatible
Heat & light compatible
Wind rating of 2

Harmattan (Centre Post)


A classic, commercial, and residential, wooden parasol from renewable and sustainable bamboo.


To complete our range, we offer Harmattan C our classic, wooden parasol or umbrella made from premium moss bamboo and stainless steel - one of the strongest and most durable wooden umbrellas on the market. The masts or poles are made from a single piece of bamboo which is lacquered for additional durability, the hub is turned bamboo and all fittings are stainless steel.

Harmattan C canopies are made from spun acrylic with a choice of 12 colours or can be customized from ShadeArt Premium Acrylics all from solution dyed European canvas with a choice of over 80 colours. Available in a selection of sizes and shapes.

Harmattan C can be on a free-standing pedestal base or it can be bolted to a deck or concrete spigot or attached to our new hinge lid bayonet anchor which allows for easy removal and stowing.


If you prefer aluminium, stainless steel, laminated timber, or carbon fibre, please see other options by ShadeArt:


  • Alterra C lightweight and strong, marine anodised with > 80 fabric canopies.
  • Nautica Marine Centre premium with 316 hand polished or satin stainless steel and >80 fabric canopies.
  • Storm C Portable smaller sizes for daily set up on pedestal or ground anchor bases and tension membrane canopies.
  • Storm C wind gust rating to 70 mph/112kph with tension membrane canopies

Harmattan (Centre post) Features

  • Highest quality materials - sustainable bamboo with stainless steel fittings.
  • Shape – Square, Rectangle and Octagonal
  • Sizes – Square from 2.1 to 3.4m2, Rectangle 2.0x3.02.5 x 3.5m and Octagonal 2.5 to 4.0m.  
  • Easy to use – double rope and pulley system to open and close.
  • Easily stowed – light enough to pick up and stow daily or end of the season.
  • Colour – 12 spun acrylic colours or >80 optional colours in ShadeArt’s premium quality solution dyed European acrylic canvas.
  • Sun & Rain protection – for use all year round.
  • Optional Branding – email your artwork and we will arrange your canopy logo during manufacture.
  • Permanent or portable – can be bolted to a deck spigot, on a concrete weighted pedestal base, or our new hinge lid bayonet anchor.
  • Spare parts and canopies – available – SHADEmakers UK are still servicing parasols we sold 18 years ago.