SHADEmakers collaborated with client to design and manufacture 4 bespoke printed parasols for their outside pavement coffee shop

Coffee Shop

Post Date:

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Delivered and installed June 2021


  • 2 x ShadeArt Terrafirma Single - rectangle Side Post Parasols – each 3.5x2.63 with logo printed valances
  • 1 x ShadeArt Terrafirma Duo Lateral Rectangle Side Post parasols. 2 canopies from 1 mast. 5.25x2.50 with logo printed valances and connecting gutter
  • Fabric from ShadeArt premium European solution dyed acrylic - Colour Khaki
  • Masts – from ShadeArt laminated Sapele around a central aluminium core. The larger duo measuring 140x140mm
  • Fittings and booms from 316 Marine stainless steel with satin bead finish and spokes from marine anodised hi strength aluminium
  • ShadeArt Galvanised steel heavy duty Pedestal bases with ballast and leveling feet

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