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Aluminium Post
Opens with a cable winder / Hand Crank
Inground fitting compatible
Portable base compatible
Heat & light compatible
Parasol can rotate 360 degrees
Wind rating of 3

Alterra S - by ShadeArt UK

Alterra S  - ShadeArt's newest side post parasol or umbrella is designed for the volume commercial customer. Alterra has a lightweight yet high-strength alloy mast, boom and canopy frame with a satin marine anodised finish. The Alterra mast and boom can also be finished with one of over 30 optional timber colours from our unique new timber look – natural looks and beauty with minimal maintenance. The winch and steel connections are from high-grade stainless steel to extend Alterra's life.

Most commercial side post parasols with a boom from which the canopy hangs are typically more wind stable than those that collapse to the mast. Alterra does both! The optional simple fold boom provides excellent wind stability and is easy to fold for storage when not required. In addition, Alterra S is perfect for between seasons as the canopy frame can be unbolted and stored out of the weather with the mast and boom folded discretely in situ. Thus, minimising canopy damage, wear and especially grime and dirt.

For maximum shade cover on hot or sunny days, Alterra can be ordered with ShadeArt's optional rotation lever lock, so the canopy can be easily rotated as the sun moves throughout the day.                                                                

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Alterra S - Features


  • Optional Simple fold Boom – excellent wind stability and easy seasonal storage with boom folded parallel to the mast
  • Optional Rotation Lever Lock – follow the sun through 360 degrees and stay shaded, or not, throughout the day
  • Durable – high-strength marine anodised alloys, stainless steel and GFP
  • Shapes - Square, Rectangle and Octagonal
  • Sizes Square from 2.0 to 4.0 metres, Rectangles from 2.5 x 1.88 to 4.0 x 3.0 metres and Octagonal from 2.5 to 4.0 metres.
  • Canopy Styleschoice of plain (with or without valance) or optional louver panelled and wind vented, plus linking gutters for multiple parasols.
  • Colours – 12 standard plus >70 optional fabrics – Solution Dyed Acrylic
  • Ease of assembly – it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to bolt the mast to a pre-installed ground anchor or pedestal base, lift and bolt the boom and attach the wigwam (canopy frame).
  • Easy to operate – bespoke stainless gearbox with internal cabling makes for easy canopy open and close.
  • Safety – the ShadeArt gearbox has a removable handle and safety pin to prevent unwanted tampering.
  • Sun & Rain protection – high levels of protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and ShadeArt canopies are also highly water resistant.
  • Fabric quality – premium solution-dyed European acrylic canvas is guaranteed to retain 80% or more original colour for at least five years. 
  • Corrosion resistant – mast and booms from durable, low maintenance marine anodised aluminium or optional timber look aluminium.
  • Easily stowed - in high winds or for winter storage, simply lower and strap the wigwam, undo bolts, detach, then fold boom to the mast.
  • Optional Branding – email your artwork, and we will arrange your canopy or valance logo during manufacture.
  • Optional Heat, Light and Sound
  • Permanent or portableShadeArt parasols are bolted to ground anchors or pedestal bases. We can also customise most solutions.
  • Spare parts and canopies – always available – SHADEmakers still service parasols we sold 19 years ago.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK