Terrafirma Single

Stainless Timber Post
Opens with a cable winder / Hand Crank
Inground fitting compatible
Portable base compatible
Heat & light compatible
Parasol can rotate 360 degrees
Wind rating of 3

Terrafirma 3x3


Premium 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic Canvas V6.3 2019


Terrafirma Single Trade Prices


Parasol Description

Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. 

Terrafirma is our commercial trade range, of side and centre post parasols. Strong, durable, and robust, just like Nautica but more affordable, especially where multiple shades are needed. 

Available in a wide choice of shapes and sizes and can be configured as a single, double or in multiple (Quad) canopy parasols. The Single, Duo and Quad models are all supported from one mast, enabling large and unfettered areas of shade and weather protection.

Smaller Terrafirma singles are available with 92x92 laminated Iroko timber masts with the larger sizes – Duos and Quads using our 142x142 laminated Iroko timber masts. These are UK machined and glue laminated to a central aluminium core from the same materials we select for our premium Nautica range.

Each mast is carefully sanded and then professionally treated with several coats of a water based satin finish.  

Mindful of cost where many parasols are needed; e.g., coastal Resorts, Hotels, Golf Courses, amusement parks and myriad other sites – a primary aim of the Terrafirma design has been the focus on simple, precision, and repeatable manufacture. The more accurate we make the design and components, the easier and faster it can be assembled in our UK workshops. We also set out to ensure many common components throughout the range. This equates to volume manufacture; in turn, lower costs to our commercial customers.

Form and function are at the core of all ShadeArt parasol designs. They must be strong, elegant, and functional. The Terrafirma range of commercial umbrellas, meet all these criteria. They are robust, durable & corrosion resistant and especially beautiful. 

The range is ideal for the commercial operator – they are easy to use and low maintenance. A key benefit to commercial operators will be the life expectancy. With proper care and maintenance, we believe the Terrafirma and all ShadeArt parasols will outlast any similar umbrella available on the world market today. Terrafirma canopy patterns are designed so they can be shared across both side and centre post models. This versatility allows us to carry a range of colours and sizes in stock.

Terrafirma hubs are all machined from a solid hi strength aluminium billet, then marine anodised to ensure they remain corrosion free. Each uses our unique stainless “push pin” hub design which means easy assembly and no screws or nuts to fall out or come loose in the wind.

Terrafirma shares the custom designed stainless Nautica winch, which is purpose made for the parasol range. Pop the handle into the winch and wind open or close. Then remove and stow the winder to prevent big or little hands from unwanted tampering.

In strong winds or for winter storage – with the Bayonet option fitted - simply lift and turn the canopy 90 degrees and pop it down from the boom. Detach the sister clips and stow the canopy. Similarly, with the standard stainless clip system, undo 4 bolts and lower the wigwam. This prolongs the life of your parasol.

The Terrafirma range is available in matching side and centre post and plain or louvered canopies. 2017 will see the launch of a range with glass fibre reinforced end fittings and a unique push pin stainless hub system. These initiatives will enable strength like its aluminium counterpart but with lighter weight.

Please refer to Features & Options further down for a more detailed list of benefits… thank you


Features and options

Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom

  • Assembly - Terrafirma S316TB Bayonet Model can be fully dismantled or assembled using 1 (ONE) bolt.
  • Rotation - with this feature Terrafirma can pivot on its own axis through 360 degrees and lock in any position. Simply tune the shade throughout the day and leave the furniture in one place.
  • Strength, Durability and lightweight - Terrafirma Wigwams (Canopy frames) all made from high strength marine anodised aluminium and 316 stainless fittings. Also available with glass fibre reinforced fittings and stainless hubs to reduce weight and cost.
  • Ease and safety - Unique Bayonet fixing system means you can remove and stow your canopy in seconds. No bolts, no ladders, no screws to lose – just lift and rotate 90 degrees then lower to the floor. Detach the sister clips and stow – simple, easy, and quick.  
  • Purpose Designed Winches - specifically for the ShadeArt parasol range. Each fully marinised with only stainless or marinised components. Small, strong, and beautifully proportioned with removable winder handles to prevent unwanted tampering.
  • Masts - from 92x92 and 142x142 laminated timbers - fully encapsulated with precision welded, Satin or optional polished 316 Stainless Elbows and fittings. 
  • Booms - all 316 Stainless to ensure maximum strength and zero corrosion. This fusion of timber and marine grade stainless, yields a beautiful and elegant, yet highly functional piece of shade furniture
  • Furniture grade Joinery - Terrafirma uses only premium grade hand selected timbers. Each precision milled in the UK, then bonded to a high strength internal aluminium core. This fusion of glue laminated timbers and aluminium, enables a light weight, mast of extraordinary strength.
  • Size - Shade anywhere from 4m2 to 64m2 from a single mast. unlimited shade options when you add more Terrafirma parasols.
  • Shapes - Square - Rectangular and Octagonal canopies - although Square & Rectangle provide better cover for Duos and Quads also suitable for linking gutters.
  • Linking Gutters - available for Square & Rectangular - Single, Duo & Quads.
  • Canopies - tailored from premium grade 100% solution dyed European acrylic canvas. Each guaranteed to keep 80% or more of its original colour after 5 years 
  • Colour Range - over 70 fabrics to select from.
  • SPF - ShadeArt premium acrylics give high levels of sun protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Typically, higher protection levels the darker your canopy colour.
  • Water Resistant - premium acrylic canvas gives excellent protection from the rain      
  • Choice - Plain - Plain + Valance and Louver panelled wind vented canopy options. Custom colour combinations to order.
  • Branding - Logo Printing available for as little as 1 parasol or as many as you need.
  • Heating & lighting - available in a variety of options to work with your available power supply and budget. 1 heat or 4 - integrated LED or spot lamps. Timer controls.
  • Portable or permanent - available with Pedestal or fixed bases or custom bases designed and made to order. These can be on wheels - as planter boxes or virtually anything you need.
  • Custom bespoke solutions - SHADEmakers UK have been designing and providing bespoke shade solutions for over a decade. If you have a specific need please let us know. 
  • Project Specific CAD Design Service - call or email the team at SHADEmakers. 
  • Design & Construction Team - available for more complex design solutions and installations.  
  • Spare parts and canopies always available - often impossible to source for owners of parasols bought elsewhere. Never a problem when you buy a ShadeArt. Each marked with a unique serial number, so we can easily find your parasol. Shipping can also be arranged the world over. 

At SHADEmakers UK, we take considerable pride in our sales and after care service. We strive to provide clients with ongoing service long after their purchase. We are still supplying clients with spares and tailoring canopies for parasols we sold 15 years ago...our UK team are capable of servicing, repairing, and refurbishing anything we sell. Try us.